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Updated: Mar 22

Most startups or newer businesses in the recruitment space are founded by some really savvy sales professionals who've developed excellent relationships, and are highly skilled in customer engagement. They are amazing sales professionals, great with people, and fantastic networkers in their niche.

The business usually starts really well, they build their client base, bring in new team members, and continue to deliver great value to their clients. Where we see the biggest challenge they face is in their systems and processes.

I get it, sales professionals in any industry love to sell - but let’s face it, they usually don’t love the admin/processes behind the sale.

That’s where we see the largest risk item that starts presenting itself in a small to medium (and many times larger agencies!). What is this item that is holding back many companies, and actually costing them dollars in growth?

9 times out of 10 they are missing a quality recruitment ecosystem that surrounds the business and secure long term success. It’s not for want of trying - it’s no secret that a good tech stack is the key to success. But there's more to it than investing a huge portion of your available profit into tech that you’re not leveraging to its maximum potential.

As a sidebar, the top 4 expenses for any recruitment business are people, property (maybe changing with 2020 events), insurances, and recruitment systems/tech licences. Controlling your costs, and gaining a positive ROI on the investments you make for your business is the responsibility many are not proactively managing (we know, it is hard sometimes).

That’s exactly why recMate was created. With years of industry experience in the recruitment space, we founded recMate to provide a much needed service. recMate is your ultimate rec-tech partner. We’ll help you fine tune your systems, identify opportunities for improvement, and clean up your entire business process. It’s time to start getting the most out of the tech you’re investing in!

The results we see lead to a data driven business that allows it’s leadership team to objectively see how their team is tracking this week, this month, and with a great indication of how they will hit/miss their annual targets. We also see a data-driven business will...

  • Motivate your workforce as they track their own progress

  • Lead to productivity gains

  • Create better customer relationships

  • Free up time for face time with your candidates and clients

  • Increase ROI on your tech stack

But what does that mean?

Maintaining quality relationships with your customers and delivering a seamless experience is a surefire way to deliver customer delight, and drive your own profits.

But let's face it, it’s hard to keep on top of every single phase that each of your customers and potential customers are sitting in, whilst maintaining communication and delivering unmatched service.

When your systems and processes are taken care of, not only can you benefit from automated communication and notifications, you’ll notice yourself having an abundance of time to focus on nurturing your relationships with your candidates and clients. Enhancing your customer’s experience (candidate and client) secures repeat business, referrals, and drives profit.

Rather than spending your days screaming at your computer (or team!), or burying your head in the sand and not using the tech that you are spending so much on, why not refine your process, get the most out of your tech and allow yourself to spend more time doing the things you’re best at?

We often find that all it takes to turn a negative relationship with your recruitment tech stack into a prosperous, mutually beneficial partnership is some proper guidance in how to maximise your workflow and for you and your team to understand best ways to utilise your systems. We make the training process simple, and dare we say it... fun! Once you understand your systems, and the potential gains you’ll receive from actively using them, you’ll begin to love it!

Whether you’re a new business hoping to kickstart your agency the right way or an established staffing firm looking for help in refining your process and fine tuning your system, it’s definitely worth reaching out for to recMate for a chat.

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