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Surfs up - Are you riding the wave or getting dumped on the beach?

Updated: Mar 12

Across Australia, schools are back which means professionals are back to work and adjusting to what is hopefully soon to be a post covid era. But what does that mean for the recruitment industry? Although the bounceback isn’t necessarily immediate across all industries, the market is certainly showing positive signs with vacancies in November 12% higher in 2020 than they were in 2019... So the big question is, are you ready?

Preparation is key in these progressive times. A surge for new business could be just around the corner for your agency, it's critical to your success that you have the tools and process in place that will allow you to ride the wave, and not get dumped on the shore.

In order to get your house in order and prepare for the inevitable resurgence in demand (which is seemingly going to be sooner rather than later!) then you need to fine-tune your system and refine your recruitment process.

As an industry, we’ve collectively established that adopting automation tech is a great way to do this and researching and implementing innovative technology is important. BUT… if you're not investing in an extensive adoption strategy then you’re wasting your time and money.

It is critical to the success of a product that every user is educated and assisted throughout the implementation and onboarding phase to align the business, in terms of the value that the product brings.

Overwhelmed, undertrained consultants simply will not engage with the new process which inevitably results in a huge missed ROI.

It’s not about delivering everything on day one – it’s about delivering the right thing at the right time.

“recMate applies a consultant mindset to the training process, ensuring that both the technology and people of the business are best managed, utilised and optimised.”

Jodie Rickett, APAC Sales Manager, cube19.

If you’d like to join the rest of us in riding the wave, then get in touch for your ultimate recMate Healthcheck. We’ll establish your next steps required to fine-tune your system and perfect your process.

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