• Andrew Rodger

recMate’s Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

Updated: Mar 12

It can be challenging for your company to get into the minds of your clients and candidates. You may wonder why a candidate that secured a role through your services ended up turning to your competitor for their next search.

The reality is that most companies don’t have a clear grasp on the journey that your candidates and clients take when they work with you.

Why perform a Customer Journey map for my business?

By understanding this journey, you can establish how to structure your touchpoints to create the most effective and efficient process for your candidates and clients. A customer journey map lays out the current process, from the first to final touchpoint, which allows for perspective on how you can improve each stage.

Via this process, you will see how your customers are currently being serviced at each of these stages and provide opportunities to improve on each to enable a customer centric service delivery model.

It also quickly highlights what your recruitment technical stack should look like to deliver world class service levels.

3 key benefits of customer journey mapping:

  1. Refocusing your company with a customer service mantra.

  2. Diagnosing how your systems and processes can aid you in delivering world class customer success.

  3. Improving your customer retention and referral rate.

The recMate Customer Journey Mapping will provide an amazing framework to deliver outstanding service.

We recommend completing a journey mapping session with a handful of people who know your business well that have a passion for best practice.

The outcome of this session will be a map of the ‘as is process’ and a new map of what you would like to improve/implement. You get to keep this map, and it is a great tool to have to run a similar exercise on an annual basis.

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