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Learning from 2020 with recMate

Updated: Mar 12

We’re drawing close to the end of the whirlwind that was 2020. Despite all the challenges, it's undeniable that this year has been an amazing learning curve.

We’ve developed new skills, broken through barriers, challenged the norm, repaired the environment, taken a guilt-free break, spent quality time with our families…the list goes on.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if we threw all that away and changed these new habits as soon as restrictions are lifted (hell yes I hear many say!)?

Learning from past experiences is crucial to being progressive. Businesses all over the world are looking forward and adapting to the constant changes happening around us. It’s clear that the new world of work is here to stay.

As business leaders, these cutthroat times show that we’re left with no choice but to keep up with the world around us and remain on top of our processes in order to stay ahead of the curve.

There’s no better time to think about what you do and how you do things than right now - prepare yourself and enable 2021 to be your best year yet.

Let’s learn from this year and carry over those lessons into 2021. The businesses that are coming out of this year on top, having not only survived but thrived through the downturn, are those that could rely on their tech stack to function from any location. They simply picked up their laptops and continued to work from home.

However, it’s not enough to simply invest capital into your tech-stack, you have to put time and effort into refining your process, training your staff, and to understand how to truly maximise the investment you have already made in technology.

As an example, one of recMate’s customers, Precision Sourcing, are amongst what's sure to be the first of many to announce that moving forward they will be allowing their team to work from wherever they’re most productive and happy! This permits massive gains for both companies and their teams. For example, it enables employees to move outside of the city to more remote locations and live their life however they want to, avoiding commute time, and encouraging work/life equilibrium.

Precision were able to move from the office to home/wherever they work best easily because they’re a forward-thinking, technology-enabled recruitment agency that consistently places a high priority on maximising productivity via their investment in technology and training their teams.

So in short, let's learn from this year, don't waste the experiences that have shaped our new way of life and go back to our old ways at the first chance.

If you’re keen to smash those new year goals there's still time to get in touch for your recMate Healthcheck before the year ends. We’ll establish your next steps to becoming a progressive and tech-savvy business!

recMate partners with smart recruitment companies to maximise the way they work with their systems & processes. We help you make your recruiters work better, faster, and stronger with your core recruitment ecosystem. Ultimately, we are here to make you more successful at what you do!

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