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Key takeaways from the RCSA & recMate 'TechTalks' series

Updated: Mar 12

As we approach the final RCSA TechTalks session of 2020 we’re looking back on all the amazing insights and thought-provoking content we’ve shared with the recruitment market through the webinar series this year.

It’s been an interesting year so it’s been really useful to have the opportunity to connect with recruitment leaders and learn how they’re adapting to the ever-changing market.

Here are recMate’s key takeaways from the 2020 RCSA TechTalks webinar series...

Jordan Betteridge, Volcanic, APAC Co-Founder & Director

Digital marketing for recruiters

Providing world-class support across multiple channels will dramatically improve your brand’s reputation - which leads to Volcanic’s Marketing strategy 101: Free word of mouth advertising. Consumers trust recommendations from colleagues, friends, and peers much more than traditional marketing.

It’s crucial to nurture your brand advocates; great representation from clients and candidates that love your brand enough to speak positively and recommend your service to your prospects will always be a huge opportunity for profit.

The volcanic formula for success is to:

  • Lead with insight

  • Educate with passion

  • Be relevant

Jodie Rickett, cube19, APAC Sales Manager

Recruitment trends & reasons to act like a start-up

Now is the time to take a look at how you currently run your business, and what changes you can make to be more strategic in your adaptation to economic changes. Jodie believes that adopting a data-driven mindset is the key to this success.

Jodie shared some insights into the sharp drop in the number of placements, jobs added and interviews, for both permanent and contract roles across ANZ, it was promising to see the recovery process begin back in June.

The time to prepare for future opportunities and threats is now. They say knowledge is power, but knowledge is only power if it’s available when you need it. Whether it is available or not is a choice that every leader now has the chance to review and make. It’s time to see how leaders access their data available to them in their company, plus also empower their teams to drive their recruitment desks powerfully and professionally.

Neil Rose, Founder & CEO of Referoo

The automation question: Should recruiters automate everything? Or is there still a place for manual processes?

Although automation is currently a popular buzzword, good automation dramatically improves the quality of your data and enables you to get the most out of your investment into technology. Whilst improving your financial position, automation can also make your business easier to work in and with, so it’s a win-win for candidates, consultants and clients.

Lack of planning, failure of scope, lack of knowledge and automating a bad process are just a few of the reasons why businesses fail to automate successfully. These are core areas to plan when planning a project. The old adage, prior preparation prevents poor performance rings too true.

Neil highlighted that not everything needs to be automated, that’s why the ever-present fear of recruiters being wiped out is unrealistic, but if it makes sense to automate and it will provide a positive business outcome in whatever form, then go ahead.

Justin Hillier, Founder & CEO of Recruiter Insider

Controlling the candidate experience

Focus on meeting the needs of the candidate whilst keeping them engaged allowing you to work as partners - this means actually asking them what they want (sometimes a novel idea in our world!).

Automating all the stages possible from texts reminders to interview guides and so on ensures that no task gets forgotten and allows the consultant to focus on the relationship side.

Speed is the easiest way to provide the best experience possible, the little things like responding to an email, or returning a call in a timely way, make a big impact on you candidate experience.

The most basic and important thing you should be doing to remain in control of the candidate experience is measuring it. Again the call for data and measuring it comes to light.

Chris South, Founder & Managing Director of Prominence

Tools and techniques that target clients and high-value candidate audiences

Now we have the time to plan ahead and sharpen the axe around where your business is travelling, it’s time to clean up the systems, process and practice of your day to day recruitment activity.

Chris spoke about building ‘the perfect triangle’ in terms of reaching high-value candidate audiences;

  • Leveraging SEO to appear high on Google search results

  • Asking candidates and clients to leave Google reviews

  • Increasing your following and sharing quality content on LinkedIn

A few obvious, but often forgotten items, that can drive a lot of value to your business. You can’t improve what you don’t measure!

Tony Wu, TalentTap + Weploy

Digitizing your temp desk

Through leveraging technology, Weploy was able to apply the Uber business model to the recruitment industry - allowing consultants to place 100’s of jobs rather than 10. Tony believes that it’s imperative to leverage technology in order to reduce costs, win business, survive and thrive.

TalentTap reduced one firm’s fill time on jobs from 3 days to 14 minutes, that’s a cost-saving of $1,678.47 per job.

TalentTap’s goal is to simplify temp recruitment through well-integrated technology that allows for fast, clear and concise communication.

So much knowledge and insight has been shared in this channel throughout 2020.

It doesn’t stop here, we hope you can join us in 2021 when we will bring you another monthly dose of RCSATechTalks.

In the meantime, we hope you can join us for the final session with Col Levander from RatesCalc on 10th November 2020 to discuss the danger of relying on spreadsheets, amongst wage theft laws & legislative changes. This is a free session for RCSA members, so why not sign up here to secure your place?

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