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Data-Driven Recruitment: cube19 and recMate

Updated: Mar 12

recMate partners with multiple vendors in the recruitment technology space to help their customers optimise their systems and maximise ROI. One of those trusted partnerships is with data-analytics platform, cube19.

cube19 helps recruitment businesses to grow revenue through the power of data and actionable insights.

Through leveraging cube19, Bullhorn customers can drill into any company performance metric, unlock revenue opportunities and mitigate risks in real-time, on any device.

Many of recMate’s customers love and trust cube19 to optimise their two greatest assets - their people and their data. They do this by delivering simple to understand actionable insights that show every member of staff, from C-Suite to consultant, how to make more placements.

We sat down with Jodie Rickett, APAC Sales Manager at cube19, to talk about the value that recMate’s dedicated onboarding and training provides through optimising the platform and securing high adoption rates.

“One of the greatest opportunity costs in recruitment comes down to a poorly managed and executed tech stack. recMate ensures best ROI from not only a CRM but all additional services and as a result, consultants.”

One of the key focuses for recMate with cube19 customers is helping them to understand how to achieve the best ROI with a product.

Two of the main challenges in ensuring a seamless consultant experience are:

  • Lack of industry/technology knowledge

  • Not enough time to dedicate to training

“recMate applies a consultant mindset to the training process, ensuring that both the technology and people of the business are best managed, utilised and optimised.”

One of the major touch points in recMate’s methodology of recruitment process optimisation is to increase user adoption across the whole tech stack. The common challenge faced by many recruitment firms is if their consultants don’t understand or like the tech, then they’re never going to use it. This leaves most recruitment firms with data gaps that reduce the ability of the leadership team to make data-driven decisions.

“For me, adoption comes down to WIFM ‘What's in it for me?’ - recMate convinces consultants that technology is their friend and biggest ally in making more placements and therefore, money. All by streamlining the process and allowing them access to clients and talent pools they couldn’t reach before. Once they see the value in the recMate way and the WIFM, the adoption process becomes self-maintained.”

We asked Jodie if she would recommend recMate’s services to other vendors in the space.

“Yes - absolutely! recMate helps customers understand the real value of platforms, not only the ROI in the tech but more importantly, the day to day consultant application. In my experience, this is where many customers misunderstand the true value of tech and is what actually makes prospective customers convert to clients of a tech solution. It’s all about the real-world application, not just a flashy demonstration.”

Whether you’re a recruitment agency or a recruitment technology provider, get in touch if you’re interested in managing and training consultants or customers to increase adoption rates and maximise ROI.

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