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Building A Data-Driven Business Methodology with recMate

Updated: Mar 12

Your business methodology is at the core of everything you do. If it’s not defined throughout your entire organisation and crucially, data-driven, then you’re not maximising your avenues for success and you’re missing out on multiple opportunities for growth.

One of recMate’s key focuses when it comes to process development is establishing your agency's methodology and discovering where data can be incorporated to boost efficiency and drive elite performance.

It's difficult for anyone in your organisation to leverage data insights if there isn’t a methodology in place and a formal process to follow. Running reports and having thorough insights into your teams daily activities should not be seen as a big brother activity. It’s really just about making sure that you’re doing your job as a leader, and it’s inevitably more important than ever right now.

In short, that deeper insight teamed with a solid methodology will do three key things for your business:

  • Help your team to constantly improve

  • Encourage better data hygiene

  • Drive success in the business

It’s all about encouraging trust between your team and establishing your next steps towards success

Adding a reporting layer to your tech stack is a great way to encourage data usage across your agency. Through tracking everything that goes on in your organisation you can begin to spot those shortfalls promptly and establish opportunities for improvement. This again shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing, everyone has strengths and weaknesses and your recruiters will thank you when they begin to perform to a higher standard in multiple areas. Not only will you have full visibility, but your team will self motivate themselves on a daily basis as they visualise their current activity and pinpoint their areas for development.

Without those visible data points it's difficult to manage your business efficiently. Once you build data tracking into every stage of your business methodology you’ll unlock visibility to every opportunity for growth.

Ready to make your team data driven? Contact me to find out more!

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